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Arbitration system of the Russian Federation

The courts of arbitration are specialized courts where property and commercial disputes between enterprises are settled. They also consider businessmen actions of invalidation of deeds of State bodies which abuse their rights and legitimate interests. Theses are tax, land and other disputes which arise from administration, financial and other jural relations. The courts of arbitration consider the disputes with the participation of foreign businessmen.

The courts of arbitration in the Russian Federation ensure justice by solving economic disputes  and considering other cases, related to their competence by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal constitutional law about courts of arbitration, arbitration judicial Code of the Russian Federation and  other federal laws which were passed according to them.

The main tasks of arbitration courts in the Russian Federation while considering the disputes are:

  • the defense of abused or contested rights and legitimate interests of enterprises, establishments, organizations and citizens in the field of business and another economic activity;
  • the assistance of  lawfulness strengthening and prevention of breaking of the law in the field of business and another economic activity.

The work of arbitration courts in the Russian Federation is based on the principles of legality, judge independence, equality of organizations and citizens before the law and the court, controversy and equality of the parties, publicity of trials.

Judicial actions – judgments, decisions, resolutions of arbitration courts are obligatory for all State bodies, institutions of local government, other bodies, organizations, officials and citizens and must be carried out on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Arbitration court in Tomsk oblast

In the framework of judicial reform according to the Federal constitutional laws “About judicial system of the Russian Federation” and “About arbitration courts in the Russian Federation” the unique judicial system was created in the country. Its members are arbitration courts which have the status of federal ones.

Proxies of arbitration court of Tomsk oblast

Arbitration court of Tomsk oblast:

  • considers all cases in the first instance which subordinate to arbitration courts in the Russian Federation, with the exception of those which refer to the competence of High Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation;
  • considers the cases repeatedly in the appeals instance, the cases which were considered in this court in the first instance;
  • reconsider according to new circumstances judicial deeds;
  • appeals to the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation with the inquiry about the verification of constitutional law which is applied in the case;
  • studies and generalizes judicial practice;
  • prepares the suggestions of improvement of laws and other normative jural deeds;
  • analyzes judicial statistics .

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